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Why sign up for HealthSherpa?

HealthSherpa provides you with a customizable enrollment website where all and any of your clients can quote to see available plans and easily enroll. When a client uses your unique link, they are assigned to your account – attached your NPN and name to their application automatically.

Getting Started

Step 1. Sign up for your FREE account.

Step 2. Find your direct link. You can find your direct link by logging into your agent dashboard and clicking the “marketing” tab. Copy the “Direct Link” and paste this wherever you would like to market your business – whether it’s an email, social media, your website, etc.

Step 3. When your clients click on your direct link, they will land on your enrollment website where they can shop and enroll in plans on their own. Click here to see what it looks like for clients! Anytime a client saves their progress while quoting or applying, a Lead record will be created in your ‘Leads’ tab. You can view who has saved their progress from your link, as well as sort by status (Shopping, Applying, Confirming) to follow up accordingly. You can select any lead record to view more information, based on how far they’ve gotten in the quoting process. From here, you can view any information provided so far in the quoting process, add any necessary notes, or resume to help them pick up where they left off! Clients who have enrolled in plans will be shown in the ‘Clients’ tab of your dashboard. Your NPN and name will be attached to the applications of any clients who start the enrollment process with your direct link.

Step 4. Customize your enrollment website! In the “marketing” tab you can customize the following aspects of your website: Company name, Company phone, Logo, Color, Photo. In additiona, you can customize the phone number that appears on your direct link. By default, your landing page will display the phone number you input into your ‘Marketing’ tab, but you can customize the phone number by adding it to your direct link.

Helpful tip: Remember to keep your HealthSherpa ID handy! You can find your HealthSherpa agent ID by checking your Direct Link – your ID will be what comes after the “=”. In the example below, the Agent’s ID would be: agent-test-zk_ygg

Here’s a video demonstrating HealthSherpa application and enrollment process:

Join Us On Health Sherpa

  • HealthSherpa is the fastest way for agents to quote, enroll, and track their ACA book, and is integrated with our iHealth Quoting & Enrollment platform.
  • Use this link to sign up for an account with our agency’s join code: 9919.